Self Defense

Simple and effective – this course aims to improve your skills in defending against stronger and more aggressive opponents.

In the spirit of Yamas, several instructors share their views on what meaningful self defense can be.

Tuesdays, 19:00 – 20:30

Ortnergasse 4, 1150 Wien

€ 190 per semester


Many factors play into self-defense, e.g.

  • Situational awareness
  • Verbal and non-verbal de-escalation
  • Blocking and evading punches, kicks, thrown objects, knife attacks, etc.
  • Escaping locks and holds
  • Use of weapons and improvised weapons, such as tactical pens, pepper sprays and every-day objects
  • Falling and fighting on the ground
  • Responding to multiple attackers
  • Regional law regarding self-defense (refer to Notwehr for details)

We will dive into some of these areas, combining intense practical training with theoretical backgrounds to guarantee an effective learning experience.



For your first lesson, just bring a comfortable training outfit. You can train in sneakers or barefoot as you prefer.

For regular training, we recommend a mouth guard, groin guard, light MMA gloves and optional training weapons and additional protective gear.

In training, we work together to challenge each other in a safe environment. A joint-friendly warmup, along with respect for each other are an important basis to avoid injury.


Dates and Location in Vienna

can be found in our calendar.

Tuesdays 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Ortnergasse 4, 1150 Vienna

Course is open for beginners. You can join any time.

Personal training for individuals and groups upon request.



Please bank to
Yamas e.V. AT75 2033 4000 0120 7968
“Self Defense Tuesday”


We are looking forward to a challenging and fun course!



Keren Iachbes
Krav Maga


Markus Weilguny, MSc
Tactical Defense of Krav Maga

Raphaela Nistler
Tactical Defense of Krav Maga

Gerald Schultz
Military Self-Defense

Marcell Szederkenyi
Filipino Boxing, Jeet Kune Do